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Home Lighting: Enriching the Lighting Décor in Your Home Office

May 29, 2012

Lighting can enrich any room in your house creating flexible, beautiful and functional spaces.  The right lighting creates mood and ambience.  Your home office needs practical and task lighting so that you can be productive in your work effort at hand without straining your eye sight.  You need direct lighting in your main area of […]

Home Improvements: Not Always Doing It By Yourself

May 21, 2012

Many tasks in a home improvement project, mainly the complex or specialized tasks, need help of professionals/tradespeople and by no means should be done by you.  For these types of tasks, seek out professionals through professional organizations and recommendations and by all means, reviewing their previous work and price.  Tradespeople are available for planning, designing, […]

Decorating/Redecorating A Home: Studio Apartments Can Look Bigger With The Right Decor

May 14, 2012

Studio apartments are getting popular, as an increasing number of people migrate to metropolitan cities chasing their dreams. Such people are out sweating the entire day and need only a small place to get some restful sleep at night. But who says a studio apartment has to be a gloomy little place? Just because the […]

Decorating/Redecorating A Home: Discovering Your Personal Style

May 6, 2012

There is no right or wrong approach for decorating your home.  It all boils down to your individual and personal style.  You need to discover what you really like.  Keep your options open when you begin your decorating project and leave the editing for later.  Your goal at the beginning is discovering and uncovering that […]