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Outdoor Renovations: Play Spaces for Young Kids

When the conditions are right, young children can entertain themselves for hours especially in an outdoor environment. Even the most basic addition can make a difference in kids entertaining themselves. Further, it does not take much to turn a backyard into a fun zone for kids of all ages. You can build play structures as well as just using a patch of lawn for running around and playing games. And, since young minds can wonder in a very short time, the more variety you have in your backyard for kids, the longer they will be able to entertain themselves as the kids will learn to use their imaginations and move from activity to activity. You can even get your kids involved in coming up with ideas for their backyard entertainment.

You can start with just a tire swing and a place for kids to run and play yard games such as kickball or backyard bowling. A sandbox is also a favorite of kids that can be built with a flat edge for seating and filled with plenty of sand and sand toys. Additionally, a small jungle gym can set provide hours of entertainment and exercise for the kids.

Furthermore, surrounding your play area with lots of colorful plants provides kids with place to play hiding games. Also, turning an area of your backyard into a small garden featuring plants, flowers and even easy to grow edible foods will allow for your children to learn about nature and would be a great way for you to spend some quality time with them. For additional interest consider creating a wildlife habitat for birds and butterflies. Another nice addition would be a shallow pond to house fish as well as the addition of bird houses and bird feeders. During the fall, you and your kids can even build a scarecrow to protect their precious garden from unwanted visitors.

At the next level, you can consider swing sets and play structures. This playground equipment has grown in popularity as well as variety. You can build play structures mixing and matching climbing areas as well as swinging and sliding equipment. These provide years of pleasure and also help with coordination skills. Also consider adding a colorful fort, castle or tree house for your child. These will provide a place for your child to unwind, rest and to really use their imagination and can a place your kids can call their own.

A backyard, whether small or big, can be turned into an outdoor adventure for your young kids. It will allow them to use enjoy the outdoors while providing years of entertainment and adventure.

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