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Home Improvements: Home Improvement Tips for Saving Money

October 31, 2012

Many people look forward to home improvement projects. In their mind, there is nothing more exciting than upgrading their property in one way, shape, or form. While this may be something you are considering, you have to consider one very important detail: the cost. Like most, you know that paying for a home improvement project […]

Home Lighting: Lamps and Lighting – The Perfect Home Accent

October 19, 2012

Light plays a pivotal role in our lives.  Alternating lighting schemes can transform a space and even change a simple scheme to have a dramatic impact on your home décor.  How you choose to light your home is just as important as how you choose to decorate it.  Similarly, home accents are the finishing touches […]

Outdoor Renovations: Patios and Terraces

October 6, 2012

Most properties have space with at least a patio or terrace.  Even with a small patio or terrace, you can have some kind of outdoor retreat.  A patio or terrace can easily be either an extension of your house so that when you step right outside you are there or they can be set feet […]