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Outdoor Renovations: Patios and Terraces

Most properties have space with at least a patio or terrace.  Even with a small patio or terrace, you can have some kind of outdoor retreat.  A patio or terrace can easily be either an extension of your house so that when you step right outside you are there or they can be set feet away and it becomes a detached extension of your house.  For example, you can create a dining patio near the kitchen or dining room, a terrace as an extension right beyond your living room, a patio just outside of the master bedroom or a garden view terrace.

The shape of the patio or terrace can add to the personality and style of your house.  Concrete squares neatly spread out can create a formal look for your home or garden.  And, lying out and surrounding the squares with rock boulders and some foliage will help establish the calming and peaceful setting for causal gathering.  Alternately, unstructured squares laid out in shapeless patterns can create a contemporary space for your home or garden.  Creative patterns can make even the smallest space distinct and be a conversation starter.

In addition, patios are built on flat ground but need enough slope to ensure the right amount of water drainage.  They can have freestanding walls built which will add a sense of privacy or enclosure or even for a nice seating area.  On the other hand, terraces are usually built and carved out of a slope and often have retaining walls accented by steps for ease of access.  In both instances, wall can define the space or hold back earth on a slope.  The key to walls is that they should be built for appropriate seating height.

Both patios and terraces can be enhanced with innovative paving materials.  Additionally, the addition of green or flowering plants as well and appropriate furniture and decorative accessories can set a stage for a cozy and comfortable atmosphere that can be enjoyed by the entire family.  Moreover, you can add areas for cooking, dining and entertaining which makes a good place for your family to gather and have casual conversations.  And, in most climates, adding a partial covering on part of either your patio or terrace can create shade which will make it more inviting throughout the entire year.

All in all, the addition of either a patio or terrace can add personality and style to your house. And, with a little forethought, any space can be turned into a patio or terrace and can be made to feel like a decadent retreat.  Furthermore, the addition of the right landscape, furniture, lighting and concrete floor design will make it a great outdoor living space for entertaining or quiet gatherings.

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