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Outdoor Renovations: Building A Stone Fire Pit

Heat up the backyard with both style and function with a stone fire pit. With a little bit of know-how and the right materials, even a person less-than-handy can do it. A stone fire pit is a great focal point for gatherings with friends and family that can be enjoyed year-round. Enjoy the warmth while firing up some hot chocolate in the winter or roasting crusted marshmallows on a holiday summer night. Here’s guideline for some easy-to-follow steps that make the project a breeze.

Getting the Stone

Even though it’s a bit more expensive, palletized stone is the ideal choice. These stones are more uniform in quality, shape and size and can be ordered in pallets with pre-sorted premium stone. Take the depth, height and width of the project size to a stone yard, and they will provide you with correct amount of stones and even deliver it to your project site.

Preparing the Base

Using a hammer, situate a rebar in the center of the fire pit location. Cut string to half the length of the diameter and make a loop on one end of the string. Slip it around the rebar and loop the other end around a can of landscape spray paint. Make a mark for the circumference and dig the area to a depth of approximately six inches.

Mark and Pour Footing

Then, cut a second piece of string equal to the first string but minus the thickness of the pit wall. Attach the string to the rebar and mark the second circle with landscape spray paint inside the first. Prepare premixed cement and spread it in the area between the inside and outside circles. The cement should be leveled after it reaches about one-and-a-half inches below the ground. Then, tap pieces of rebar in the wet cement until it’s completely submerged around the footer.

Lay the Fire Brick

After the cement is dried, you can being to lay the stones. Trowel a layer of mortar on the inside of the face stones and press the fire brick in place. Apply mortar to the end of the next stone and butt it against the previous one. As you’re working, remove excess mortar and check for proper leveling. Once the first ring is finished, you can continue in the same fashion until the desired height is reached.

Now, get on the phone and invite your friends over for a good time.  You definitely need to show off your decorative piece of outdoor work.

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