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Home Remodeling: Checking the Structural Integrity of Your House

All right, so you’re ready to start remodeling your house and turning it into the place of your dreams. Before you pick up the phone to call in a contractor or start double-checking the work you plan to do yourself, though, there are a number of things you should consider. Today, we’re going to be looking at something that many people often overlook: checking the structural integrity of the house.

Behind those walls lies the parts of the house that you almost never see: the frame and its associated elements. Depending on the amount of remodeling you’re doing, you could be looking at one of the best times to see how things are doing and catch any problems before they do too much damage. This is especially important if you’re remodeling the kitchen or any bathrooms, since these are the places most likely to have water damage or other problems associated with your household equipment. The process for doing this is very simple: dig up a little more than you were originally planning to and take a look around.

There are many ways to do this, but we’re going to focus on the easiest and most effective ones. You don’t actually need to remove the entire floor in order to get a good look at the danger areas; instead, prying up just enough to let you look around will usually suffice quite nicely. If you need to look at a larger area (and the structure of your house permits), you can also use a remote viewing camera or similar item as a way of avoiding the need to rip out even more of your house.

If you do find problems, take care of those before you finish remodeling. If not, just proceed to replace the area that you took out… But don’t completely block it off and repair it. Chances are that the place you removed is in a back area that’s going to be covered when you finish the remodeling job. Instead of blocking it all off, make it so that you can easily remove the cover and glance around again any time in the future; this will provide an easy and affordable way to continue checking up on the status of your house. If you do this in a bathroom, add in a waterproof seal or other sort of cover to prevent water damage.

Checking the structure of your house may not seem too important, but it could save you from some painfully expensive repairs later on.

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