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Home Remodeling: The Exterior

Home remodeling is a smart way to update the appearance and functionality of a home. It is smart because it serves the purpose of aesthetic change while boosting the probability of increased market value. Altering the exterior of a home is a good place to invest hard-earned dollars for receiving the best curb appeal return.

Why Make Changes?

Consider the reasons to change a home’s exterior. Will changes increase curb appeal? How will changes comply with any deed restrictions or HOA terms? Will I get a good return when selling? These are all good questions to ask when deciding whether or not exterior remodeling is a good idea. The good news is almost any exterior remodeling can potentially add to market value while adding a pleasurable visual for neighbors and passers-by. Both are valuable aspects worth pursuing.

Exterior Remodeling Low-Cost, High-Impact Ideas

Remodeling doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul. Low-cost, high-impact exterior remodeling can make a big statement. Often, low-impact remodeling is a great way to create a facelift domino effect for neighborhoods looking to improve security, home value and integrity levels of their streets.

Fiber cement siding is a handsomely low-cost and high-impact remodeling tool made of cellulose fibers, cement and sand. This versatile product can be shaped into siding of various textures and colors mimicking more costly stone or wood mediums. This product can also be formed into shingles and boards when keeping a consistent appearance for roofing, trims and other structured additions is important. All of this can be done less expensively, with or without a contractor, than using higher-priced products or textiles. Create front porches, backyard pergolas, characteristic window trims and details.

Spruce Up Exterior Trims

Exterior trim work is often an overlooked home exterior detail. Making a home’s exterior pop with appeal can be as easy as sprucing up trim work. This effort offers more outline and character around windows, door frames, porch railings and roofing eaves. Creating either a different style or adding extra detail to trim work can drastically change the appearance of a home without breaking the bank.

Improving trim work detail is, by design, a clever way to assist weather-related concerns by protecting exterior openings from drafts, rain and other weather elements from creeping inside the interior of a home.

Exterior remodeling can make a home look and feel new again. Start small and work your way up!



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