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Home Lighting: Decorative Lighting and Lamps for Kids

When it comes to decorating children’s’ rooms, a lot of emphasis is placed on wall color, functional furniture, and even linens and storage solutions. However, one of the most commonly overlooked and yet vital aspects of decorating a child’s room, no matter what the age, is lighting. Lighting solutions are necessary in every child’s room and yet most parents simply leave the lighting to existing fixtures rather than providing their children with a fun or elegant way to light their rooms.

Decorative lighting for children’s’ rooms can come in several different forms. One of the easiest options is to add a table lamp or floor lamp to the child’s room. Lamps provide softer lighting than overhead lights and can provide children who are afraid of the dark the opportunity to use a nightlight that also adds interest and fun into the room. Of course, adding a lamp to any interior design means that there will need to be adequate room to place the lamp without the worry of it falling over on the child. This is more problematic in rooms for smaller children than it is for older children.

For small children, creating a fun and whimsical lighting solution may lie in decorating the overhead light. This approach not only allows you to save space and create a safer environment for the child, it can actually set the tone of the entire interior design and overall look and feel of the room. Adding such elements as a large, feathery light fixture can create a lighter, more whimsical look while using a fixture that is themed with a specific cartoon character or sports element will create a stronger, more rough and tumble feel.

When choosing decorative lighting and lamps for your child’s room, it’s important to incorporate their personalities into your choice as well as the overall theme of the room. Light fixtures make a bold statement in any room and can easily overwhelm smaller rooms if not properly placed and scaled. If you are interested in learning more about all of the available options for Decorative Lighting and Lamps for Kids, take a look at the options offered in your local home improvement outlet as well as boutique lighting stores. These outlets will offer you many different options to help you make your child’s room more uniquely his or hers. Boutique stores may be a bit more expensive, but can offer you solutions you can’t find anywhere else.

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