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Outdoor Renovations: Tips and Ideas for Swimming Pools

Swimming pools should be inviting – an oasis that welcomes you and invites you to stop, admire its beauty and be tempted to jump right on in. Sometimes, though, they can become outdated or have such wear and tear on them that they actually do the opposite. Take heart…it’s not impossible to bring your pool back to life if it’s looking like it’s on its last leg…you just need a few ideas and/or tips to help your pool make a comeback.

There are many paths that can lead you to an amazing pool transformation. For example, it could be as simple as introducing some bold colors to the surrounding elements like foliage plantings or a lounge area and suddenly you’ve increased the appeal for your pool space that makes it more modern and inviting. Add in an outdoor kitchen and dining/seating area with a focal feature such as a unique or striking back wall for more interest and functionality.

Another idea for updating your pool can come from adding multiple levels to the pool surround. Elevating your seating area, lounge area, or eating space is very modern and appealing. Using smooth-finish concrete in varying hues (with a score pattern to prevent slipping) can also help with updating the look – and feel – of the space.

A larger project might involve changing the shape of the pool itself. Most pools that have been around for a while can be identified by the fact that they are rectangular and straight-sided. Modern pools and surrounds have more of a tendency to be curved and amorphous in shape – sort of like an island lagoon might be. This can sometimes be accomplished by pouring a new shell inside the existing shell – which helps keep the cost down.

When you combine that sinuous shape with interesting materials in your decking surround like multi-sized stone or travertine pavers with slight variations in color, you get a totally new look and feel. You can then take this improvement over the top by adding a waterfall and attached spa. Waterfalls that have more than one level are an excellent way to add pool appeal – the cascading water creates a background sound that is pleasant and relaxing. Add in backlighting, and you have a feature that can seamlessly make the transition between day and nighttime entertaining.

Having a pool is a wonderful thing in the summer months – giving it a facelift can infinitely increase your enjoyment, and the curb appeal of your home.

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