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Home Improvements: Decorative Woodwork

There is no doubt that you have experienced the ambience of a room that has beautiful wood accents added into the interior design. Rooms that use wood accents generally have a warmer feel that those that don’t and also tend to feel more luxurious. Whether it’s beautiful wooden crown molding, beautiful wooden baseboards or other architectural interest, adding wood to a room really adds character.

If you are looking to add wood accents to an existing room, there are a few places where you can add it that will add visual interest without overwhelming your existing décor. These include:

Crown molding and chair rails: Crown molding and chair rail are both great ways to add wood to a room without having to change the entire look and feel of the room. Both are unobtrusive yet are a welcome addition to any room. In addition, adding wood chair rail will keep your walls from becoming scuffed or damaged, limiting the number of times you’ll need to paint. Depending on your budget and your room, adding chair rail horizontally along the line where the back of a chair would typically come into contact with the wall. Chair rails also provide a natural divide between colors or textures on the walls.

Transition pieces between materials: Wood has traditionally been used as a transition material between different types of material. For instance, on the floor when transitioning between a hard floor surface and carpet, a wooden threshold is often used. On the wall, wood chair rail can provide an easy break between colors on the wall or between wainscoting and drywall. You can also use wooden cornices for your fireplace.

Contrast trim with surroundings: Wooden trim allows you a surface to use for adding a contrasting color to a room. For example, if you want darker colored walls, adding wooden trim at the baseboard, chair rail, at windows and around doors provides you with the perfect opportunity to add a lighter contrasting color to the room in order to add visual interest.

Whether you choose to add natural wood and stain it or use it as a surface in which you can paint it to add visual interest, adding wood accents to your home not only helps you create a beautiful, inviting home décor, it also adds visual appeal when you place your home on the market and can even boost the value of your home.

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